Can’t Sleep; Pentatonix is Here



Three-time Grammy® Award-winning and multi-Platinum artists Pentatonix is coming to the Resch Center, on June 23rd.

The internationally-known acapella group will be performing at the Resch Center, with special guest “Fight Song” singer Rachel Platten. It’s the event of the summer you don’t want to miss. Pentatonix is known for creating a lively show where they cover other artists songs as well as performing their original songs.

The group boasts millions of views on Youtube for many of their creative covers and songs. Some of their most popular are Hallelujah, Daft Punk cover, and their original song Can’t Sleep Love.

Head on over to the Resch to get a jump start on your summer!

Tickets for Pentatonix in Green Bay at the Resch Center are around $83 for two tickets. To buy tickets click here

Resch Layout

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