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First Stop on The Career Path

Looking for a job?  Contact Career Services;  see what they can do to help you in your search.

Many students are trying to find jobs to earn a little money while attending college; some are looking for help upon graduation. The Career Services helps both kinds of students with the resources they need to find a job that works for them.

WAIT!  You don’t have one?
Bring your resume, and see what Career Services can do to help. Don’t have a resume???  Career Services will help you to create the BEST resume EVER – you can’t even imagine how great it will be.

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Friendly, helpful people

Contact Career Services
(920) 465-2163 or,

Career Services is in the Student Services Building. Open Monday-through-Friday; 7:45AM-to-4PM.

With all their great resources, finding a job –
or helping with your career –
will be much, much easier
for YOU!

The Scouters include:
Bailey Hetue, Tony Leto, Darrell Kocha and Erik Johnson.


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