Caring for The Phoenix Phamily

Over the course of a college career, there are outside struggles many students have to deal with.

With a variety of struggles and hardships facing students, University of Wisconsin- Green Bay started: Phoenix Cares. Phoenix Cares is designed by university staff and students to provide access to resources for any student attending the university. Phoenix Cares provides students with someone to contact in a time of need as well as provides food, dishware, hygiene products, clothing, etc.. While putting together many other resources, Phoenix cares emphasizes the support the campus shows for their students.

When “Mary” found herself in a tough situation at home, she felt completely lost. As her dad struggled to pay the bills after the sudden death of her mother last spring, Mary had a lot more on her mind than her next exam. Reaching out to the Dean of Students about her struggles, she was advised to seek help through Phoenix Cares.

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The first, two helpful people you’ll meet will no doubt be Receptionists Jenna Hunt and Patricia Leary.

As Mary reached out for help, members of Phoenix Cares sent her to Rose Hall where the Campus Cupboard provided toilet paper, toothpaste, and some fresh food for the week. This enabled Mary to have the things she needed to survive. Campus Cupboard provides all kinds of food, including fresh bread and sandwiches delivered to the cupboard every Thursday.

It also provides toilet paper, hygiene products, school supplies, and cooking/ kitchen supplies. With the Campus Closet being connected, Mary could find a professional dress attire to wear for her class presentation, without having to worry herself with trying to afford a new outfit. Showing up in business professional attire allowed Mary to focus on the information in her presentation rather than her appearance.

The Phoenix Emergency Grant application was easily accessible on the Phoenix Cares website for Mary and many students like her. If the student applying is accepted, this emergency grant can provide up to $1,000 dollars for necessities other than school fees. When Mary got accepted for the grant, it relieved some of her stress.

Additionally, a Dean of Students advisor convinced Mary that she should seek counseling in her times of struggle to grieve the loss of her mother as well as learn how to balance her school work and home situation. These services are free to students like Mary, and any student who needs help.

Mary has been doing well and succeeding in ways she never thought possible. She gives thanks for programs like Phoenix Cares. Many students take advantage of these assets every year to aid in their success. It is one of the many reasons students choose University of Wisconsin- Green Bay as their college. Phoenix Cares.

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    Great Story/We Care.

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    Thank you for writing this story!
    I believe its vital for students to know about the resources that are available to them!

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