Championship Internship

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‘Spider Intern Kyle Malzhan

This past summer, I interned with a collegiate baseball team in The Northwoods League called: Fond du Lac Dock Spiders.

As a junior at ‘GB, majoring in Communication – with an emphasis in Mass Media and Sports Communication – this was a crucial stepping stone in my career.

My title with the ‘Dock Spiders was Video Production Intern which entailed production – and so much more. Seventy- seven games are played in 81 days throughout the summer, so to say it was a grind is an understatement. I did, however, get a really good taste at what my future career will entail – in a most extensive way. I am beyond thankful.

My job was to run the online webcasting stream of each ‘Spider game. I’d conduct pre-game interviews/previews with the team’s Radio Voice Cam McGuire, create highlight packages, edit promotional videos, voice over radio commercials and run a staff of nine employees that I scheduled throughout the summer.

FULL Schedule
My schedule for the 36 home games was to be at the stadium at 9AM until clean up after the game. Most game times were played at 6:35PM and I’d finish by 11PM. On my few off days, I’d work “normal” business hours: Monday through Friday; Nine-to-Five.

As the season progressed, Dock Spiders became one of the top teams in the league.  They eventually punched their first-ever ticket into the Northwoods League playoffs. I traveled with the team throughout the playoffs to Madison, WI, Kalamazoo, MI, and the final stop in Duluth, MN for the Summer Collegiate World Series. The ride was insane!

To cap it off, the ‘Spiders won their first World Series Championship; a memory I’ll never forget!

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BONUS: Personalized World Series Ring

I learned so much from interning this summer. I learned a lot about my career – and myself in the process. From the players, coaches, front office staff – and all nine interns – we accomplished something really special with everyone in the organization.

In the future, I want to land a job with a baseball organization or the sports department at a broadcast news station. In the meantime, I work at WFRV-TV Channel 5 News and am looking for more internship opportunities within the sports world this summer.  Can’t wait ‘till I graduate.

Junior Kyle Malzhan is a Mass COMM and Sports COMM Major.

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