Clampitt CAPS COVID19

As you know, classes are cancelled the week after Spring Break. Here is our path forward from here:

1.) Your professors will be in touch about how to handle this pause in face-to-face classes.

2.) Your professors are committed to flexibly responding to the situation and your individual circumstances.

3.) Be ready to adjust if this pause extends beyond the first week of April. Your professors should be in touch with about alternative delivery mechanisms.

Today was the first time I wore a CAP during class presentations. Yes, it’s not proper attire for you or your professor, but I did it to share a simple message during these uncertain times. CAP is my new COVID Motto = Carry on, Adjust to the Situation and Perform as Usual.  Be sure to don your CAP, too.

Carry on, Adjust, and Perform… ALWAYS 🙂

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  1. michaelbina says:

    Busta CAP

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