UWGB Dining Tries New Options Amid COVID-19

By Grace M., Wynna B., and Travis B. (S.S. Phoenix)

(Photo Credit: Travis Boulanger)

Dining services across the UWGB campus have had to make some challenging choices when it comes to COVID-19. One such place is the Leona Cloud Commons, the main dining hall on campus. The former buffet style has been modified to a service-oriented cafeteria, where staff members handle the various food and drink, rather than students.

Since masks have become mandatory on campus, the food service asks on their website “that all students wear masks when they are not actively eating or drinking inside the designated eating areas,” to reduce the contact with mask less individuals. Eating areas are scattered throughout the campus, as well as being listed on the food service website along with other regulations that they have put into place. As pictured above, there are also new rules in place in the Cloud Commons: only two people can sit at each table; students must follow posted arrows to enter and exit the dining area; sanitizers are placed to encourage students to disinfect their hands; six foot distances must be maintained. (Though the team did try to contact food services, they did not reply, so the information was found on their website.)

Mason Campbell, a commuter student studying Communications, dines at the Cloud about twice a week. He said it’s “not much different” than what they expected, though “the service can be slow at times.” Other students who reside on campus have the option of ordering delivery through the UWGB Mobile Dining app. One student who uses this service is senior Chloe Bigalke, who is majoring in Psychology and Human Development. “I really like that students can now get food delivered to their apartments,” she said, “but many times they only bring small portions.” 

The Cloud Commons delivers until 7pm, and the Green Bay

(Photo Credit: Grace Merkt)

Grill is open until 11pm for those who get hungry later. Students simply select the items they want from the app, specify what building they live in, and their food will be delivered by an employee on a golf cart as soon as possible. Students are able to remain safe inside their rooms if they would prefer not to risk being exposed to others on campus. 

Despite a few issues, many students are enjoying the new options available. “I am impressed with how the cafeteria is set up so that students are at least 6 feet apart from each other, unless they are at the same table with a roommate,” Chloe said. Have a look on campus at your favorite places to eat and grab something on your way to study! 


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