Queen of the Boards

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By Micah Kulpinski
| 180 words

Heels pivot below; backboards thunder above; bodies viciously collide:  It all happens in one place on a basketball court:  In The Paint… And while this is common in college basketball, none of it quite matches the excitement and the crowd’s roar when Jessica Lindstrom surges into the paint.

The opposing team thinks their low-post defense is unbeatable, but Lindstrom fights forward and scores using the backboard. Like a lioness, once she has hold of her prey, she doesn’t let go. With unbelievable effort, she pushes one way, steps the next, then arches the ball up and through the hoop. Or, she rebounds a shot even against the tallest of cats.

The response from the Kress Crowd is a roar of unimaginable magnitude. The incredible part of Jessica Lindstrom’s basketball talents is her incredible effort:  #21 does not give up on a play… EVER. Like a lioness, she runs down her prey again and again. When it stops, she goes in for the kill. While many other players contribute to points in The Paint, Jessica Lindstrom is Queen of the Boards.

Ready to graduate in May, Micah Kulpinski is a Mass Media and Journalism Major.  He has a strong production background with the Athletics Department and a big fan of the program.


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