Coaching TEDx Speakers: “Can’t Tackle it Last Minute”

Coach Froelich

Shauna Froelich, a public speaking lecturer for the COMM Department, is a volunteer coach for several of the highly anticipated speakers of the TEDx @UW-Green Bay lineup Oct. 24. Shauna offers guidance and advice such as the pace, tone of voice and visual aids of the speech.

Ahead of the event, Shauna is working closely with speakers Andrew Becker and Siobhan Marks. Their topics range from innovative medicine to indigenous heritage. She said the biggest challenge for Andrew and Siobhan is balancing time preparations.

“Some people think they can tackle their speech last minute, but it doesn’t work like that,” Shauna said. “They have to refine, and practice.”

The experienced lecturer emphasizes the importance of refinement and audience analysis and said that the setting of a presentation is much different than a classroom setting or conference room. The TEDx stage can be intimidating to a first-time speaker.

“Some of the speakers need to broaden their view and adapt the speech to the audience. One of them is a medical student and presented a lot of case studies in his initial draft. We had to change that up to make it more relatable to the audience,” she said.

Shauna, along with COMM Professor Danielle Bina, a senior lecturer at the university, will guide the six successful Wisconsinites through dress rehearsals – up until showtime!

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Limited student tickets can be purchased at the University Ticketing and Information Center with valid ID; Price is $11.

WRITTEN by MOJO: Jessica Amo, Mailee Her, Oda Bekkestad

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