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Picking cherries or enjoying a summer day on the beach in the Door Peninsula is common for many people who grew up in Northeastern Wisconsin. Years ago, this travel destination was home to a woman who went on and made many successes in her career. Her successes made her uncommon and therefore, creative and bold, as she climbed the ladder and took every opportunity to better herself. UW-Green Bay Communication Graduate – and Distinguished Alumni Laura Hollingsworth – is returning home as the keynote at tonight’s COMM Week banquet.

Laura speaking to alumna in March, 2012.

The COMM Week Team is excited to welcome Laura as she travels in from her new home in Nashville, TN. Laura works as the Senior Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer for the Opry Entertainment Group with country artists like Blake Shelton.

Although she is busy, Laura has always made time to visit her alma mater. She was the commencement speaker in 2008, and spoke at the After Thoughts series in 2012. In that speech, Laura shared her admiration for her school:

You know, it was everything. I remember, even, standing up in speech class and having to deliver speeches — and how uncomfortable, years ago, I was doing that… all of my training in broadcast journalism or communication skills at University of Wisconsin-Green Bay, I mean I couldn’t have done what I’m doing without that.”

Phil Clampitt, Laura and Tim Meyer at graduation Back in the Day

Laura credits her time at UWGB to her success. After graduation, she went on to a career in news and worked her way up to be Publisher of one of America’s most influential newspapers, as well as overseeing 16 media markets in the Western United States. She has also received the Gannett President’s Ring for advertising excellence six times. Polished speech and an impressive resume does not happen overnight; Hollingsworth is sure to inspire tonight.

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Written By: Megan Roshak, Matthew Knoke, and Shelby Smith

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