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Happy he stayed @UWGB

A part-time job at a local news station kept Ben Krumholz from transferring away from UWGB.



Ben Back in the Day

In his freshman year, Ben landed a job at FOX 11 TV as a production assistant, and within six months became a writer/editor in the news department. It kept him from transferring and he graduated from UW-Green Bay in 2009 with a degree from the Communication program.

A Normal Day
Now with ten years in the broadcast industry, a normal day for Ben consists of going to work at 1:30PM and leaving at 10 PM. He compiles a list of possible stories to cover for the day, then discusses those in his daily afternoon editorial meeting. Next, he assembles a list of contacts, lines up interviews, and researches his story. He interviews relevant parties and gathers video for his package for the evening newscast. After getting content, he logs interviews and video to put into the story. Finally, he goes back to the station to put his story together. Sometimes he even writes the story in the field.

Supporting his work on Social Media 
Once the story is edited, he writes another version for the FOX11 website and publishes it on his professional social media accounts.

Ben benefited from the COMM program because he learned the skills necessary for his desired career in the Communication field. The skills he learned at UWGB are also applicable in many other job fields. He said, “If I ever want to pursue a different career, I will be able to utilize the skills I learned at UWGB.”

FREE Advice:
Ben says his favorite course was either Dr. Clampitt’s interviewing class or Small Group Communication. His best advice for all college students is to get real-life experience. “Get a job in the field you plan to work after school – and as many internships as you can.” Ben went on to say students learn the bulk of what they need to know for their job by actually doing it.

Ben is a Green Bay native, born and raised in the city. He is 32 and married with an 8-month-old son Vincent

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4th Down consists of: Rachel Koepke, Mackenzie May, Logan O’Leary, Abby Pfeiffer

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