COMM in Common: Kendall Sherman


Kendall Sherman

Q: What’s life like after graduation?
Life since college has been a fast one – it seems I am always busy; never having a down day. Whether it’s working, playing with my dog or spending time with family, my time is always occupied. My favorite thing to do in my free time is to travel. I believe that domestic travel is so underrated and yeah, I’d love to go to Italy and Spain, but I also love taking weekend trips and exploring. My next travel plan is a weekend in Nashville with my mom. I love country music and culture of the south, so I am counting down the days until we go.


Q: What’s your Job? Employer? Boss?  I was recruited by Saputo Cheese USA in Milwaukee Wisconsin, and have been with the company full-time since October 2017 as an Office Coordinator.  I work in an office of 130 people; 50 are on a special project that will go live sometime in the next 12 months.

I report to the HR Director, and indirectly report to several other Directors in the Milwaukee. The general response I get when I tell people I work for Saputo cheese is that they have never heard of us then, turn their nose up as if my company is a dying art. I usually counter with, “Have you ever had a Little Caesar’s pizza, or a Jimmy John’s sandwich?  THAT’S Saputo!”

Headquartered in Montreal, Canada, Saputo has the majority of its cheese plants in Wisconsin. We focus production for The Sysco Company and private label cheese distributors in the United States selling under such well-known brands such as Black Creek, Stella and Frigo. We are in the top three largest dairy producers in North America. My office is the specialty cheese office – we receive samples daily that are either eaten or branded and sent back out again to our buyers. So far, my favorite cheese is Cheddar Parmesan by Black Creek.

Q: Would you consider joining the Alumni COMM Panel?  What I took away most from the UWGB COMM Program was accepting continuous improvement feedback. While working for a company that is international, in an office that holds 130 people, it is clear that not everyone has this important skill. The communication program taught me how to be professional and accept what needs to be changed. I meet on a weekly basis for one-on-one sessions with management. As a team, we share continuous improvement on what we can accomplish short term – and long term. I do thank Professors Danielle Bina and Phil Clampitt for teaching this because it’s not a skill most professionals have. If the opportunity were to approach me, I would definitely jump on being the COMM Panel.

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