COMM in Common: Mary Skoldberg

Skoldberg.pngFrom Chemical Engineering-to-Business, she finally found her scholastic home in the Comm Department at UWGB.

Mary Skoldberg grew up in the Green Bay area and knew she wanted to stay close to home for college. At the age of 22, after working for Wisconsin Public Service to save money for college, Mary began her education in Chemical Engineering. It wasn’t until she sat down with an academic advisor and discovered her hatred for math and science that she realized her true passion was in the field of Communication.

With a Comm Degree in hand, she went on to earn a Master’s in Organizational Behavior because she wanted to know why organizations behave the way that they do. She eventually became Manager of Organizational Development at Humana Insurance Company where she was honored with the Woman of Excellence in Leadership Award – twice!

Most of her career has been spent with a Fortune 100 company. She’s meet some amazing people and has been exposed to great leaders, leadership and trends. She also had a great mentor. “I am thankful for all I learned. Finding a good mentor is important,” she said.

After her mentor retired, Mary recently started working for a new boss. She almost began tearing up when she learned that the new boss was willing to invest in and help her achieve new professional goals even though she plans to retire in eight years. Mary wants to make the best of the years she has left and her boss is going to help.

Looking to the future, Mary is excited to help guide the five people who work under her. Like her mentor, she, too, wants to help her team get them to where they want to be professionally. She realized – fairly recently – that it is not the experience or the knowledge you possess, but the attitude in which you bring. “I can teach them the job, but I can’t teach attitude,” she said. Attitude comes from within.”

When reminiscing about her time at UWGB, she says she, “wouldn’t change much.” She values the classes she took with Professor Clampitt, and the psychology classes that helped form her interests in the behavioral aspects of organizations. This successful COMM alumna looks forward to more opportunities to continue learning and being a mentor to others.

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