COMM Is Just Talking | Fact or Fiction?

It’s the first day of class, and everyone is praying there are no ice breakers but nevertheless, you hear the dreaded phrase, “alright, let’s get to know each other. Stand up and tell us your name, major and one fun thing about yourself.”

Some stand and answer confidently.  Others struggle. Not knowing what we want to do with our lives is hard, but sometimes we don’t know what we want to do because we don’t know what we can do.

Communication is something we all do, but do we know how to do it properly? Take a moment to reflect over the following questions:

Do you enjoy writing?
Do you enjoy working in group settings?
Are you into sports but better at writing about them than participating in them?
Do you spend a lot of time posting on social media?
Do you strive to maintain a favorable image?
Are you interested in health and wellness?
Do you want to help bridge the gap between patients and healthcare providers?
Is exploring ways to market and advertise on different media outlets enjoyable to you?

If you said yes to any of the above, take the quiz below and find an emphasis in the Communication program that suits you!flow chart (002)

As a part of the COMM program, you’ll have access to fun events, organizations, and endless networking opportunities. Join us!

HalfNHalf includes: Brittany Fetterly, Trevor Gossen, Joshua Konecke, Darian Kuglin and Audrey Schneider

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