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Brooke Iserloth


Brooke Iserloth and Erika Hesselink presented at the UW System Symposium for Undergraduate Research, Scholarly and Creative Activity on Friday.

My project focused on the power of positivity and the emotions of individuals. I interviewed numerous people, read them a variety of statistics and asked, ‘With just one word, what gives you positivity?’ Then, I asked for, ‘One piece of advice for future generations to create change.’ Based off the interviews, I put together a preview of what my final product would look like. My multimedia project includes videos of the participants holding up their answers, photographs, voice-overs, music and editing.”

As for participating at the symposium, it was a neat experience. Coming into it I was super nervous because of the nature of my project – you mostly hear about all the Math, and the Science, and all the Social experiments up on poster boards at these symposiums.  Communication is really underrepresented, so I encourage future COMM students to get their research out there – and Show OFF a little bit! I had numerous individuals, especially other students, come up during the symposium saying, ‘how cool it was to have something different.’ ”  BROOKE 🙂

We’ll hear from Erika tomorrow.

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  1. thecommvoice says:

    GOOD Stuff to Show Off! Well Done, Brooke.

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