COMMit to an Internship

A communication major offers many different areas of work opportunities in Public Relations, Mass Media, Journalism or Organizational Communication. Career Services is a wonderful place to find internships and other job opportunities for you. Not only do internships look good on a resume, they are a great way to gain experience from professionals, and give you a taste of the responsibilities that come with a particular job. COMM Grad Melissa Barth said, “It is the smartest thing you can do.”

Get over to Career Services today – before The Summer Rush begins.  If you go today and beat the rush, you may find a better opportunity for this summer.  Professor Danielle  Bina is Internship Coordinator for the COMM Department.

December COMM graduate Alex Styczynski has taken advantage of the internship opportunities in  Career Services several times during her undergraduate career.  She’s now on to bigger things…

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