COOL Places Close By/Spring Break ’19

Door County

Looking for somewhere that has breathtaking scenery and a local feel that will give you a sense of belonging? Door County is a place you should visit this spring break. Door County offers a myriad of activities, from hiking to dining. There is something here for everyone.

Door Peninsula State Park

Places to hike this spring break. Try visiting Peninsula State Park, in Fish Creek or Newport State Park, located in Ellison or Whitefish Dunes State Park, in Sturgeon Bay. All three of these State Parks offer snowshoeing, weather permitting picnicking, and camping. Get some fresh air, and get your heart rate pumping with some light to moderate exercise.

However, in Wisconsin the weather is more than finicky; some days will bring 12 inches of snow and the next day will be sunny with 50-degree weather. So on the off chance the weather improves and all the snow melts, you can still enjoy the outdoors and what Door County has to offer by hiking the numerous trails throughout the area’s state parks.

Door County is known for its wineries, so what better way to get the full Door County experience than to drop by and take a tour and maybe a sample. Drink responsibly and check out the Door Peninsula Winery and the Door County Trolley. The legal drinking age in Wisconsin is 21.

If you’re looking for a great local pizza place that offers wood-fired pizza then you should check out Wild Tomato. Grab a slice and enjoy the atmosphere.

Green Bay

Lambeau Field draws in tourists and Packer fans from all over the world, who dream of seeing the renowned stadium for themselves. Visitors are welcome to tour the legendary stadium and attend a variety of events hosted at the stadium year-round. The stadium has alumni guest appearances scheduled within the next month. The Titletown district also features many things to do even in the winter weather, including ice skating and snow tubing.

Green Bay has many small businesses, making North Broadway an incredibly unique shopping experience.

Wild Ginger is home to many accessories and clothing options for women. For those who have a chocolate craving, Seroogy’s chocolates have just the cure, with a wide variety of chocolate to choose from it’s the perfect place for those with a sweet tooth.

Green Bay will never disappoint your appetite with a wide selection of restaurants. Mackinaws Grill and Spirits is where a rustic interior and good food come together for a great time. Visitors can choose from a great selection of burgers, steaks, and Mexican food while relaxing in a cozy and welcoming environment.


One of the loveliest and liveliest cities on the western side of Wisconsin, La Crosse, sits on the edge of the Mississippi River. La Crosse has a variety of things to do and would be a great place to visit during Spring Break. The Dahl Auto Museum is a place that lets you get behind the wheel of history.

Dahl Auto Museum

The Museum showcases some of the earliest cars to the latest models. The museum is open on Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays.

This is an attraction for those over 21. The Turtle Stack Brewery is focused on creating quality beer and ale in an environmentally sustainable way.

The name “Turtle Stack” comes from the turtles that can often be found in the Mississippi River near the brewery, which is open Thursday through Saturday.

Grandad Bluff

The Grandad Bluff, this is a place where the looks speak for themselves. This breathtaking park gives you the greatest view in LaCrosse from the top of Grandad Bluff. This is a great place to take a hike and enjoy spring’s fresh air. The park opened in 1912 and has been open every day since.



Milwaukee Art Museum

For anyone who likes to look at beautiful things, the Milwaukee Art Museum includes a large variety of collections from all around the world. The museum is always hosting a variety of special events for visitors including yoga at the museum, story time in the galleries, and quiet clubbing where visitors can jam out at the museum after dark.

The Mayfair Collection is the largest fashion retail chain in southeast Wisconsin. The outlet mall also offers unique dining opportunities if you need to stop for a snack during your shopping expedition.

Planning on cracking open a Pabst beer during spring break? Pay your respects to the Pabst family and visit the award-winning historical landmark that the Pabst family once called home, the Pabst Mansion.

Pabst Mansion

Tours are also offered and visitors can stop in at the souvenir shop.

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