Cool Summer Events and Places for a Warm Wisconsin Summer

By Kelly Schmitz & Emily Krause


As the school semester comes to a close and warmer weather is starting, there are a number of local and statewide events. With a gain in personal time, many students and members of the community are planning to attend an event or visit a scenic place in Wisconsin.

Green Bay is home to a lot of summer events such as several concerts at the Resch Center, food festivals such as Taco and Margarita fest, the return of the farmers market, and the Brown County Fair. Throughout Wisconsin, there are events such as concert events that feature a number of bands at once, like Rock Fest (July 13th– July 16th) and Country Fest (June 22nd – June 25th), Car Shows, such as the Iola Car Show in Iola, WI (July 7th-July 9th) and the State Fair in Milwaukee, WI (August 4th-14th).

A few of the most scenic places in Wisconsin happen to be State Parks, such as High Cliff State Park and Peninsula State Park. Each of these parks has its own events, such as themed hikes, biking trails, scavenger hunts, and of course, camping. They are also popular locations to post on social media that each park is known for, such as the lookout station at High Cliff and the many hilltops at Peninsula Park.

A photo of trees and rocks at High Cliff state park located in Winnebago, WI.

“High Cliff, by far, is one of my favorite State Parks to travel to in the summer and fall months,” University of Wisconsin – Green Bay Student Julie Krueger Stated. She stated that her favorite part of High Cliff is the natural rock formations that you are surrounded by while hiking through the woods. “They are unlike any other I have seen in Wisconsin. Devils Lake is a close second for a favorite because of these formations as well – they are just gorgeous.”

In Green Bay, the Farmers Market is a necessary visit as it is home to a wide array of vendors and some must-have food options. For the first time, Green Bay will also be putting on a Taco and Margarita festival on June 25th at the EPIC center. Also, Green Bay hosts live music and pro wrestling. There will be a number of trucks serving (of course) tacos, but also the Caribbean and barbeque fare.

Photo of people waiting outside of the Epic events center in Green Bay, WI.
Source: Concert Close Ups

For individuals that prefer more city-themed events, there is a multitude of fairs going on throughout the state. The Green Bay area has its own, The Brown County Fair, being a 4-day event starting on August 17th to the 21st. This features bands from around the US, a wide variety of rides and games, and almost any type of food. Barron County and Sauk county have similar fairs. The State Fair takes place from August 4th to the 14th and has the widest selection of rides, games, and food. This year, there are artists putting on shows on the main stage, such as Toby Keith, Zach Williams, and Nelly, making the $12 ticket price even more enticing.

“I am so excited to be in the Green Bay area this summer,” says University of Wisconsin Green Bay student Rebecca VanAsten, “I work in Titletown in Green Bay, and I know that there are many events happening soon, like the free Jason Derulo concert on June 4th that I will get to work and be a part of.”

On June 4th, Singer Jason Derulo will be doing a free concert in the Lambeau Field parking lot starting at 3:00 pm and going until 10:00 pm. This event is to showcase the start of Titletown fun days. The event will be good for families of all kinds and is sure to have a large turnout.

Jason Derulo free concert announcement at title town in Green Bay, WI.

With so many events happening in the Green Bay area, this summer is sure to be one to remember for a lot of members of the community.

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