Corona Cocktail: The Vodka Tonic

Summer is right around the corner but NO, you’re not allowed to party with your friends! So, what’s stopping you from throwing a one-man party? Here’s a How-to Video to get that Party Going with a simple, refreshing, delicious: Vodka Tonic.

Ice; Lime Juice (can be freshly squeezed); Lime Slice for garnish; Tonic Water (can substitute w/lemon seltzer or Kool Aid, or just about anything you have in the ‘fridge! If supplies are running low, you CAN always go with nothing at all.  It’s still GOOD). And, Vodka!


  1. Fill a glass with ice;
  2. Add 1/3 vodka; 1/3 lime juice; 1/3 tonic water; *
  3. Give a stir; add lime wedge for a cool, sophisticated look;
  4. Now taste, and dance!

* Exact Measurements generally unnecessary; eyeballing works just fine. CAUTION:  When eyeballing alcohol, it can lead to some unexpected, yet welcoming surprises.  

Step-by-Step/Dance, Video:

Stay tuned for more refreshing drinks to keep you sane, and COVID at bay.

Written by: Adam Mansa 80.1 | 5.0

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  1. thecommvoice says:

    Great Video/GOOD Tonic!

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