COVID v The Spring Breakers


“A little party never killed nobody,” except in 2020!

COVID-19 made its grand arrival to the United States stage just in time for students across the country to go on Spring Break. Even with knowledge of the community spread of this disease, a lot of students did not heed the advice to practice social distancing. Instead, Spring Break plans continued as usual.

Just as Spring Break loomed around the corner, I contemplated whether going to Florida was worth the risk. While I chose to opt out, many other Gen Z’ers were still headed to the beach.

NO Mention of The Beach in Guidelines
At the time, when UWGB broke for Break, many states – including Florida – were not on lockdown. The general guidelines were to wash your hands and practice social distancing. However, during the week of ‘GB’s Spring Break, many restrictions for public gathering began to tighten as community spread of the Coronavirus was happening more rapidly.

After Spring Break, Florida saw a spike in cases, as did the states that had students returning from vacation.

Students who decided to continue with their plans clearly did not take into consideration the broader implications of their actions. They figured the disease can’t touch them because they’re young. And even if it did touch them, they would probably survive. Yet, what about the family members they returned home to? Grandmothers and grandfathers?

This invincible mentality could cause many to view this generation as selfish and reckless—a total disregard for the world around them.

Written by Jada Davis

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