Cozy Night at Open Mic


Photo at the Weidner Center by Extra Point

U don’t have to go downtown to enjoy live music and entertainment.

Open Mic Night offers students a great opportunity to perform in front of an audience. Common Grounds Coffee House hosts Open Mic every other Tuesday at the Coffee House from 7-9PM; The Last Performance was December 11. Performances can range from a variety of things such as music, storytelling, comedian. The coffee house provides a piano, a mic, and the rest is up to the people! It is very common for students to unwind at Open Mic after a stressful Tuesday.

Open Mic offers an alternative to the loud, unwieldy world of karaoke, which typically features alcohol and less-refined performances. While the performers are also technically amateurs, they have typically taken time to hone their craft, and the performers at a coffee shop won’t have been drinking.

Like a Lab for Budding Artists
Some of these performers use this event as a way to test their abilities in front of crowds. UWGB student Joey Prestley has done stand-up comedy routines at Open Mic. “I thought the audience was always very supportive because of the various different levels of performers,’ he said. “I have used this event as a way to test new material before I performed at larger arenas.”

Joey has performed at larger venues throughout his college career, so Open Mic has always been helpful to him. It’s a great atmosphere for anyone who wants to relax and have a good time on campus during the week. The Common Grounds Coffe House offers a variety of food and beverages in case you are tired of that same old cup of coffee. So let’s bring our laptops and enjoy listening to others perform on stage. Let’s see that talent, Green Bay!

Open Mic opens again next semester; watch for the new schedule. 

The Scouters includes: Darrell Kocha, Tony Leto, Erik Johnson and Bailey Hetue

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