Creative Quarantine 

COVID-19 has consumer spending declining. According to NPD, a market research firm, overall in-store and ecommerce sales have declined 28% since the first week of March. One area, though, is thriving: Arts and Entertainment.

While museum doors, state parks and most fun things have all closed, boredom has taken over peoples’ lives. An influx of empty time has driven people to reconnect with hobbies and passions related to the arts. In fact, arts and craft sales are up 70% according to NPD.

Coloring and Crafts have seen the largest growth since COVID-19; NPD reports an 86% weekly sales increase. Chalk sales have risen by 56%, painting accessories up 111%, watercolor paper +188%, tempera paint +272%, and finger paints up a whopping 313%.  While Hobby Lobby, Joann’s, and other craft stores have since closed, online sales are still booming.

With schools out-of-session, parents are trying to keep their children academically focused. NPD reports a 38% increase in sales of juvenile educational books, puzzles, and related activities in March. In addition, home-life book subjects such as gardening and cooking have seen a steady increase in sales.

While sales in Arts and Entertainment have increased, media consumption has also grown cross-generationally. Visual Capitalist reports more than half of Americans have reported an increase in listening to music. More than a third have reported an increase in watching movies, shows, watching videos, and playing mobile games. The largest increase in media consumption belongs to Gen Z.

When the world is undergoing chaos, we turn to the arts. What are you doing to have a creative quarantine?

Written by FOPP Lindsay Fanning, & Autumn Rockhill

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