Danica or Aaron: Who’s Driving?

Driving down the track at 220MPH – or driving the team down the field for a score against the Bears – everyone knows who’s at the wheel. But who’s in the driver’s seat back at home? Danica Patrick and Aaron Rodgers are both take charge, petal to the metal, Type A personalities. Who drives in THIS relationship?

Danica, in a recent interview with the Appleton Post Crescent, said they both “share the responsibility and take turns leading the way.”

When Aaron is in the driver’s seat Danica – like many back-seat drivers and armchair quarterbacks in Green Bay – said she’s sometimes critical of his drive-game decisions. She said “mostly, it’s a little like, ‘Oh, you had it!’ or, ‘You could have gone.’ ”

OMG! He’s SO Great!
Danica said Aaron’s skill on the football field carries over to his driving. “He’s actually a great driver,” she gushed. “He even knows how to set up a corner: Turn and apex exit. He knows how to set it up, and he knows how to apex the corner.”

When setting up corners on her way to Kwik Trip or Festival in Green Bay, Danica admitted she frequently puts her foot down and flies down the freeway at 100MPH on I-41!  “There’s, like, five lanes and no cars so I go fast there.”

The Midwest Pack tried to imagine the other concerns a Professional Driver like Danica Patrick would have about Aaron Rodgers’ pedestrian driving skills: It’s safe to guess Aaron suffers from bad Road Rage – especially when another driver misses his hand signals, or decides to take a different route than the one Aaron wants. His face gets all mad – like it does on the field when Davante goes deep instead of what he yelled at him from the shotgun.

When Aaron’s not in the shotgun seat and in control behind the wheel, his very attractive co-pilot must constantly have to coach him – and firmly remind him – to keep BOTH hands on the wheel – if you know what we mean 🙂  “Ten and Two,” she regularly signals in to the driver… “Ten and Two Hut HUT!”  Danica says Aaron is very coachable – most of the time!

Driving like a bat out of hell on I-41 – probably with just one hand on the wheel – is an easy “Sunday Drive” for a pro driver like Danica Patrick. Aaron must have to constantly nag and remind her that HE has the 100 Million Dollar Contract and HE calls all the plays! AND, Aaron’s ubiquitous  State Farm Insurance Driving App doesn’t allow him to break the speed limit, drive like a maniac OR EVEN ROLL OUT OF THE POCKET!!! “You could have gone,” isn’t in Aaron’s playbook, but Danica is the original, “Go DADDY GO!”

Everyone knows Aaron Rodgers is a bona fide, back-seat driver – just ask Coach Mike McCarthy or Coach LaFleur! Coach Patrick occasionally likes to “get in the back seat” with him but admittedly, it’s harder to drive that way.

Kidding aside, here are the Top Ten Driving Tips Danica has for her beloved Aaron Rodgers when he’s behind the wheel:

1. Go Fast; Turn Left!
2. BOTH Hands on The Wheel – Always
3. Drive It Like You Mean It
4. Send It!!!!
5. Yellow Means Go Faster
6. It’s GO Time
7. It’s Not Speeding; It’s Called Qualifying
8. Pedal to The Metal
9. Light Em’ Up
10. Be Fast, or Last

Danica will keep an ever-watchful eye on Aaron – whether he’s driving on the road or down the field. Hopefully, Aaron will drive us to the Superbowl, and Danica gets another Go Daddy Superbowl Ad!

Written by: Logan Konitzer, Jalyn Murphy, and Adrianna Raddatz

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