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The streets are empty; the parking lots bare. The view from outside your windshield on the way to the grocery store is like something you’d normally see during the holidays or like, a Packer game. But out on the streets in their vehicles are a dedicated, freelance fleet of third-party delivery drivers serving their community. These delivery drivers, who were around before the pandemic, are now more important than ever. They help restaurants still get their product out and in doing so, provide a safer way to get you your food during this pandemic.

“No Contact” Delivery

According to the National Restaurant Association the restaurant industry lost three-million jobs and $25 billion in sales since March 1. In addition, 54% of operators had to change their business model to off-premises sales only. Delivery is one of the few options now for restaurants still open. Some restaurants delivery in-house, but many are turning to third-party delivery during this pandemic.

Pick up table at Chipotle

Vice President of Uber Eats, Pierre-Dimitri Gore-Coty said, “In the United States and Canada, we’ve seen a significant increase in number of restaurants looking to offer delivery…a 10 times [the average] increase in self-sign-ups.” UberEATS and DoorDash, third-party delivery companies, are helping to deliver food when you are at home, quarantined. But, is your food safe?

DoorDash, a third-party delivery company, is training drivers to be safe when delivering food. They are providing tips to their drivers on how to prevent the spread of COVID-19. They also implemented “no-contact” delivery, where the driver drops off the food at your front door, without ever encountering you. And, they never open a sealed bag. In addition, DoorDash provides hand sanitizer and gloves to all their drivers. All these procedures help make the drivers – and the customers – feel more at ease.

Screenshot of DoorDash app showing COVID-19 update.

Screenshot of DoorDash app showing COVID-19 update.















Writer’s Personal Statement:


Sanitizer station at Chipotle

I had the chance to drive for DoorDash over the past couple weeks, and I can assure you that restaurants and consumers appreciate the commitment of these drivers. I’m a fan of “no-contact” drop off’s and most of my orders now are requested that way. I also use hand sanitizer and take steps to ensure my health is top notch when delivering food. In addition to driving I also work in the restaurant industry and can tell you we appreciate every order that comes in and the dedicated drivers delivering it.

Now that federal guidelines have been extended until the end of April, consider supporting the restaurants you love by ordering tonight’s dinner, today.

And give thanks to those delivery drivers who are risking their lives to serve you! Leave a big tip on the porch 😊

Written By: Matthew Knoke

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