Disney+ Drops the Ball?

Although they may be late to the game, The Walt Disney Company officially entered The Streaming Wars by launching its own, much-heralded platform: Disney+  After years of planning, archiving and studying the streaming competition, Disney+ launched November 12 with HUGE interest from a multi-generational audience of Mouseketeers around the world. Despite the technical issues, is the Disney+ price – and its vast offerings – a worthwhile addition to your monthly budget?

Jack of All Trades Princess Julia Montana provides magical insight into all your Goofy questions and concerns (below):

NOTE:  Disney+ launched with some annoying startup issues, but they have continually updated the platform and previously missing features like, “Continue Watching” are now there. Disney+ offers a massive library of TV shows, and all-your-favorite movies from nearly 100 years of storytelling and content creation. With an affordable price of $5.99 a month, Disney+ will no doubt be a fierce contender to the other streaming platforms on the market.

Producers, Writers, Directors, Editors & Talent: Quinn Duffy, Julia Kostopoulos, and Katherine Nagler

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    Great insights, Princess.

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    Awesome video!

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