Don’t Go Spring Broke

DSC_0989Who says you have to leave Green Bay to have a fun Spring Break? Here are a bunch of fun, productive activities for you to try out over break:

Productive Activities

Organize the “small stuff”

  • Reorganize your laptop/phone and delete old apps and documents: If you have random documents all over your desktop, take some time to go through them and reorganize! Try creating folders and organizing documents based on their subjects.

Clean out your car

  • Is your car dirty from all the snow and leftovers of winter? Take some time and give it some love! Go through the interior and make sure it is in good and clean shape.

Check out UWGB department scholarships

  • Lots of scholarships expect well-written essays, and some scholarships require letters of recommendation – ask your professors ahead of time!

Complete the FAFSA if you haven’t already!

  • The sooner you apply for the FAFSA, the more likely you are to get a good amount of student aid.

Check out Handshake for internships/jobs

  • Summer is on the way, and if you are looking for a summer internship or job, is a great place to start! This can be an opportunity to update your resume as well.

Fun Things w/o Leaving Home

Complete a DIY Project

  • Organization doesn’t need to be confusing or expensive. Click here for a fun idea on how to organize your items with supplies you probably already have.

Try a new recipe

  •  It’s always a good idea to cook more at home and buy less of your food at the drive-thru. While you have a week without classes and plenty of time to be on the internet, find a new recipe to try. Click here to get some recipe ideas! Start with a simple recipe with only a few ingredients and work your way up to more complex recipes. You may find that you enjoy cooking and will save money and eat healthier at the same time!

Tone up

  • Even if you weren’t lucky enough to go on a warm, sunny, beach-filled Spring Break vacation, there’s still time to prep for a summer filled with water and sandy beaches. Spring Break is the perfect time to get in shape without having to leave the comfort of your own home. Here’s a fun link to check out with variations of workouts depending on your fitness level.

Start your own blog

  • If you enjoy writing, starting a blog about something you’re passionate about could be a great way to express yourself and reach out to others who may have the same views or interests as you. You can also just write to write and don’t need to share it to the public. There are several simple and free websites that you can use to get started such as WordPress or Wix. If writing is enjoyable to you, this could not only be fun, but could also be a great way to build your writing skills, as well as develop simple website design skills.

Treat yourself to a stay-at-home spa day

  • DIY facemasks, foot baths, detox baths, and more ways to treat yourself to a relaxing day from the comfort of your own home. Avoid the cost of going to a professional spa and treat yourself on a budget. Light some scented candles and put on some calming music as you sit back and relax to de-stress on Spring Break.

Get out in Green Bay!

Don’t forget St. Patrick’s Day on March 17th * Grab a green beer from Anduzzi’s, enjoy the annual Green Bay St. Patrick’s Day Parade, participate in the 2019 Luck of the Irish 5K, and much more! Keep up to date with events to come here.

Check out the Neville Museum

  • The Neville Museum is open Tuesday to Sunday. Admission varies depending on the age of the visitor; adults aged 16 and older pay a fee of $7. If you can’t get enough of museums, the National Railroad Museum isn’t far either! It’s open Tuesday-Sunday, and admission is just $10.

Check out Titletown

  • If you are spending your spring break in Titletown, why not head down to the new Titletown ice rink, take a ride down Ariens Hill, and if you haven’t already-check out Lambeau field!

Volunteer in the area through CUE GB

  • Are you familiar with UW-Green Bay’s new online platform for volunteering? If not, check out this article.

Didn’t see anything?

If you would like to see more events in the area, log on Facebook, go to events, and select the days you would like to do something. You’ll be sure to find a fun new adventure to go on right here in Green Bay.

Written by The Go Getters: Emily Gerlikovski, Ekaterina Lindeman, Jenelle Mackie and Ashley Stafne

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