Don’t Worry, Be Hoppy

The Broadway District is holding an event for beer lovers. Do you want to help support local businesses? The Broadway Beer Hop will feature various brews around Northeastern Wisconsin. More than 20 local businesses will be participating. Shopping and different stops along the way will give event-goers a variety of activities.

Here’s how it works: One must purchase a $20 punch card in advance online. Those who purchase tickets on the day of the event will pay $25 at the door.

Where to purchase: Or Lyric Room 233 North Broadway.

When: Saturday, April 27, 2019 12-to-4PM.

Where: Lyric Room 233 North Broadway

YPWeek Attendees will receive a free Copper State Brewery Tour. This will be available exclusively only for young professionals from 4-to-4:30PM.

Participants include:

  •         Salon Fifty-Four
  •         The Gift Itself
  •         Monzu Bakery
  •         A Bag Lady
  •         RE: Salvage & Artifacts
  •         Keggers/Lyric Room
  •         The Sardine Can
  •         Glass Nickel Pizza Co.
  •         The Tarlton Theatre
  •         Pete’s Garage
  •         Lucky 7 Dog Rescue
  •         Prohibition
  •         Board & Brush
  •         DuBois Formalwear
  •         The Cannery Public Market
  •         Titletown Brewing Company
  •         Wild Ginger
  •         American National Bank
  •         The Exclusive Company
  •         The Eclectic Market
  •         The Vintage Lair

Defending Champs include: Carley Chapin, Sylvia Christensen, Rachel Koepke, Mackenzie May and Katie Pozorski.

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