Drag Queen Story Hour at UWGB is back!

By Ciera L’Huillier, Brooke Caldwell (caldbe06@uwgb.edu) & Grace Prust


After six months of planning and due to demand, the University of Wisconsin – Green Bay (UWGB) Pride Center hosted the 4th Annual Drag Queen Story Hour on October 28, 2022, at the Cofrin Library.


With complications due to COVID-19 and skipping this event last year, this is the first time in two years that they have been able to do this again in person. This year, Drag Queen Madame Tuck hosted the event for the first time. Madame Tuck read aloud queer children’s books, like And Tango Makes Three, The GayBCs, and I Am Jazz. With Drag Queen Story Hour back in person, the event drew a crowd of 30 people made up of UWGB students, faculty/staff, and community members.

Poster promoting the 2022 Drag Queen Story Hour event at the Cofrin Library. Image provided by: Nicole Kurth

It took six months to prepare for the event as there were a lot of moving parts. When questioned about what inspired the event, Nicole Kurth, the UWGB Pride Center coordinator, said, “Students asked for it, so we delivered.” One student, in particular, Edgar (Eddy) Laning, attended this event for the very first time. He said, “I was interested in this event because I, too, am queer and I love being read to or listening to audiobooks.” Madame Tuck specifically read,  If You’re a Drag Queen and You Know It, The Hips of the Drag Queen Go Swish, Swish, Swish. “I loved Madame Tuck’s personality and her anecdotes about the LGBTQ+ community and our struggles. It made me feel safe,” said Laning.

Freshman Alex Ladika attended the event for the first time as well. Ladika noted that the event was what they had expected and that there was a great deal of participation among attendees. For just tagging along with a friend, Ladika really enjoyed the performer, and they wish it lasted longer. “I honestly liked the way it was, there was fun participation, some wholesome stories that hit close to home with many LGBTQ+ people, and Madame Tuck was amazing,” said Ladika.

It sounds like this event will continue on in the future, given the number of attendees and active participation during the event. It provided a more personal experience with the performer for the Drag Show later that night and ultimately helped promote that event. The Drag Show ended up bringing in 956 people to Cofrin Family Hall in the Weidner Center and was claimed to be the most unforgettable Drag Show on campus to date. UWGB has been known for being a very inclusive university in Wisconsin, so hosting events like these encapsulates its mission of unity and diversity which involves not only its students but the community. The UWGB Pride Center is already accepting feedback and looking for new ways to make these events even better for next year!

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