Droning COVID Boredom

Boredom now plagues society. With social distancing warping everyone’s view, how does one stay sane in a chaotic, isolated world? Besides social media, is there a safe way to feel more connected?

Try seeing the world from a new angle by flying a drone: a DJI Mavic Mini which is part of the DJI lightweight drones released in November.

Spy on your Neighbors, too
This little flying machine has become a saving grace for peoples’ fraying sanity. Becoming Stir-crazy at Home is the new American motto, flying a drone is a fun way to stave off that travel itch that’s consuming everyone on earth.

If you don’t have a drone, but are still caving that virtual wanderlust, there are companies willing to give a free viewing of drone footage captured by DJI or National Geographic.

NO Drone?
You can find global royalty free drone footage: ‘Google’ search, “free drone footage to watch,” or open YouTube and search “drone footage 4k.” Any footage from the channel creator Nature Relaxation Films is really well done; their YouTube account is linked here

Shown below is a birds-eye view of my hometown with the help of the DJI Mavic Mini:

By Ari Dohr

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