Earth to The Eco-Friendly


Calendar says it’s Spring; doesn’t feel like it. Photo by Jean Puls.

Dolphins swimming through the canals in Venice? The ozone layer is shrinking from business shutdowns?

Although hopeful, these claims traveling around social media these days are not true. COVID-19 is not healing the Earth, but you can! As Earth Day approaches, people may be wondering how to make an impact while staying cooped up Take time to appreciate the little beauties nature offers and adopt a few earth friendly habits.

Earth Day this week comes during a time when being eco-friendly is extremely difficult. Grocery and retail stores have banned reusable bags; disposable disinfectant wipes are flying off the shelves and into landfills, and medical waste is increasing. Don’t be discouraged from celebrating Earth Day because you’re spending the day inside.

Essential workers are doing everything they can to protect people around the world. Everyone at home can do their part this Wednesday, April 22 (and every day) by implementing a few earth-conscious changes:

Conserve by keeping lights in unused rooms off and limiting screen time after work and/or classes. Spending days and days at home requires the use of lights and technology for long periods.

Open the curtains and soak up the beautiful sunshine warming the Midwest after a long winter’s absence. Bring the outside in by sitting by a window and reading a book – instead of diving into the dark hole of streaming services. Close your laptops for some screen-free time every day. There’s beauty all around beyond the screen.

Host an Earth Hour each week. Bring your household together for Game Night! Turn the lights off and play by candlelight for some fun (and friendly) competition. Practice those addition skills with a card game. Uno anyone?

Repurpose old food or cosmetic containers to grow new plants, organize your desk space, or create some art to brighten your room. Did you know you can grow vegetables from scraps? The cut off end of celery stalks, ends of green onions, carrot tops, and hearts of lettuce sprout in a little bit of water. Clean out old jars and bottles to grow food in! It may save a trip to the grocery store which conserves even more

Cut your shower time with a shorter playlist. Listen to two of your favorite songs while getting squeaky clean. When the second song is over, it’s time to turn off the water and dry. Not only do you save some water, but you get to be a rockstar for a few minutes. Find joy in the little things like being a star singer for a moment every day or so.

Don’t take this world for granted. Safely take walks, breathe in the fresh air, and do what you can to protect the earth. Use less energy on Wednesday, April 22; more days if you can. More than anything, appreciate how beautiful life is. There’s much to be grateful for right now.

Story authored by Lorrigan Puls

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