Emily At Home: Folding Table becomes a Cozy COVID Workplace

The coronavirus pandemic has completely changed higher education for the Spring 2020 Semester. On top of all online classes and hundreds of cancelled events meetings and social gatherings, many college students had to moved back home to finish.

My Space

Moving home from college brought forth many challenges, an important one being I had no desk or workspace at home. My current “desk” for working at home used to be the folding table my family would put food on for big family gatherings. Well, we won’t be having any family gatherings soon! So why not use the table for something productive?

With a little TLC and attention to detail, I converted that old folding table into a pretty neat workspace in a guest room. If you’re also looking to create a nice workspace, here’s how I did it:

Fun Accessories
I’ll be here for many hours and for many days. Who wants to sit in a boring space? Here are some of my favorite accessories from my new desk.

Iron Man Bluetooth Speaker

Winnie the Pooh quote my dad made for my freshman year

Fake Succulent








Monitor Makes it MORE Manageable

Computer Monitor
If you can get your hands on a monitor, I highly recommend using one! It makes working so much easier, especially when you want your email on one screen and your Word Doc on the other.



Hanging Out

Hanging File Folder
Sometimes, keeping track of everything on a computer can be a little hard to do. A hanging file folder, color coded based on classes, can keep all your papers organized – especially when we are transitioning from needing these materials in class, on different days and in different classrooms, to all in one space. It will help prevent mixing everything together.


And, Candy!
I think I’ll need some sugar and comfort food to get through the craziness of the next month!
What does your at-home desk space
look like?

Story by  Emily Gerlikovski

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