Emily’s Home Diary: Sad Night Out! (Spoiler Alert: Happy Ending :)


Gone, but not forgotten

I breathed in the fresh air of freedom for a short period of time, but my first trip outside the COVID Refuge was not fun. It was, though, memorable.

Wednesday, April 1, 2020: April Fool’s Day. One month after the chaos of the Coronavirus began in March. My dad and I planned to go outside in our driveway to witness the International Space Station cross the night’s sky.

At 8:15PM, we were outside but not in our driveway. Instead, we were outside the animal hospital saying goodbye to our beloved dog Kozmo – for one last time.

Into the Cosmos
As the International Space Station crossed our skies, we said our goodbyes as Kozmo prepared to hitch his own ride to the stars; into the Cosmos.

Because of this annoying Coronavirus, we couldn’t say goodbye to Kozmo inside the animal hospital unless we put on medical gowns, gloves and those horrific masks. We didn’t want any protective layer between us and Kozmo for our long goodbye, so in the parking lot of the hospital we took turns having one last moment with him in the trunk of our car.

Emily and Kozmo

ONE Good Thing about COVID
I’m not at all happy with what the pandemic has wrought, but one good thing has come out of it: I was home when my dog took his last breath. And I am most thankful I could be there for him instead of away at school.

I’ve spent the last 13 years of my life with Kozmo. I don’t know where the world will be in 13 years, or even 13 days from now, but I know I’ll have this memory of him with me every day.


Story by  Emily Gerlikovski

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