Emily’s Home Diary: The Middle-School Days

CONFESSION: I used to have an addiction; an addiction to… Twilight. Anyone else? It was Christmas, 2008; I was in fifth grade. A present from my Aunt Cindy and Uncle Jed was two paperback editions of Twilight and New Moon. I didn’t know what they were – yet – but I sure would once I read them! I felt pretty accomplished reading the books when I was 9 years old. Thirteen years later, I still have the original copies.

YUP: Like many pre-tween girls in the late 2000s/early 2010s, I loved Twilight. So much so I told my whole sixth-grade class I was giving up everything Twilight related for Lent one year = I was taking down my posters, putting away my books and not wearing my Twilight clothing. TRUE story, and if you’re wondering, I did make it through all of Lent Twilight-free!

Under the Bed
Now that I’m home again for at least five months, I decided to take a look through my “old” room and see what I could find to reminisce about – thinking of a time we did not have to worry about something called Corona. And boy, did I find some good Twilight-themed things hidden away under my bed and in my closet! I laughed, and cringed, at many of these items; and these are just the items I still have! I hope sharing them will give you some laughs in this crazy time!

Can anyone really look back at their younger self and NOT be embarrassed about something you did or liked? Props to you if you can, but I cannot say the same. But that’s what life is about – growing and being happy with who you are now. I may look back at myself another thirteen years from now and cringe at things I liked or was interested in (hopefully it won’t be something like a crazy coronavirus haircut), but I think laughing at yourself is an important part of not taking yourself too seriously, while still loving who you are as well.

So, here are my questions: Team Edward or Team Jacob? Can you guess what team I was on? And do you have any past obsessions you need to get off your chest?

Story by  Emily Gerlikovski

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