Empty Bowls Come Around


“What goes around comes around.”
Have you ever wanted to do something good – just for the come around?
Some people do think this way; some, genuinely, want to do some good!

Heather Schroeder is one such person. Heather, along with a handful of other Green Bay Phoenix students and faculty, teamed up to create:  The Art Agency. The Art Agency runs the annual Empty Bowls fundraiser to do some good in Green Bay.

The artists create a variety of handmade, custom soup bowls to fill with chili or soup donated by local restaurants. Attendees to the Empty Bowl event pay a $10 donation and choose their own handmade bowl to keep and enjoy some delicious soup or chili. This year’s proceeds will be donated to Paul’s Pantry.

THE GOAL IS $3,000
Last year, the Empty Bowls team raised $2,300 for Golden House. This year, their goal is $3,000 and the team is working hard to get there. “We’ve got 200 hundred bowls already sold,” Heather proudly said. “We can make another hundred bowls, but it’ll be a struggle… We’ll get there,” she smiled.

Given that the Empty Bowls charity has a positive impact, it is important to get more people involved. Heather said, “it IS important; it has a big impact no matter how much money the Art Agency raises.”

The team wants YOU involved.  You can help the Art Agency make bowls and/or help them serve soup and chili next week. Or, join us for a bowl of soup:  Just $10 bucks for  a GOOD come around.  Wednesday, April 11;  10:30AM & 2:30PMPhoenix Club.

Follow this link for more information!

The group Public Media consists of: Katie Flanigan, Katie Pozorski, Trey Pingel, and Emily Kelly


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