By Matt Seger, Hope Smith, Morgan Andrews & Janie Hodny


Live streaming has become a new entertainment medium for people. Platforms like YouTube, Tik Tok, and Twitch offer many ways in which a person can live stream an activity or chat from their homes or office with people from all over the globe.

A behind-the-scenes look at the new center for games and interactive media that will open in the Spring. Photo by Matt Seger.

Influencers, gamers, and celebrities were often known for using these platforms to build their audience or to make special programming. Nowadays, through the platforms mentioned above, almost anybody with the right knowledge and tools can have their own live stream at any time. One class, next semester at the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay, hopes to teach students about the live streaming process next semester called English 410: Live Video Streaming Practicum.

The new media center is opening in Spring 2023, and a space in the center is the center for games and interactive media. Photo by Matt Seger.

Students will learn practicals in the creation of live video content for online streaming platforms. The course will produce a wide variety of digital streaming content for the UWGB center for games and interactive streaming channels. Skills may include video editing, audience engagement, event preparation, on-the-spot creation, and market research. Students will also learn how to use Open Broadcast Software and Vmix.

The hallway leading to the entrance of the new gaming center. Photo by Matt Seger

“We want to create a space in which students can perfect their skills in content making/ what niche they may fill in the twitch space and make students more technologically adept at lighting and camera angles.” Says Chris Williams, instructor for English 410 next semester. Along with using software to learn various streaming mechanics, students will also brush up on technological writing and video game writing. This will help students to brainstorm and come up with creative content and programs for the streaming channel.

The class will be available next semester to juniors and seniors at UWGB. Located in the newly renovated area near the IT Help and AV rental area. The campus spent a lot of the budget to produce new classrooms and programs to broaden opportunities for students.

When asked why the class is only available to upper-class students, Williams stated, “We want students to establish themselves before taking the course but were still discussing changing this in the future. We want to have a response from students, and there are plenty of students and space to accommodate them.”

Dr. Bryan Carr is using the streaming PC for interactive games in the center. Video by Morgan Andrews

Many English and Communication majors are expected to enroll with oversight of the course with Dr. Bryan Carr, a communication professor, and Dr. Julie Case of the English department. Currently, the class has five students enrolled, but it won’t prevent the class from being instructed next semester. “If more students enroll, we have access to a larger classroom next to the streaming room, so we encourage any to enroll in the course,” said Carr.

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