Farewell, UWGB

Well, it’s not the ending most seniors thought we would get. Even though I won’t get the chance to have one last in-person lecture, group meeting or presentation for the COMM Department, I can still reflect on my last four years at UW-Green Bay and appreciate every opportunity and experience the University and the COMM Department has given me. I’ll miss a lot about this department, but I will take so much with me in the future.

What I’ll Miss:

The Professors
Every Professor I have had in the COMM department has pushed me to be constantly improve and seek ways to enhance my skills. I always knew I would learn many important things from every COMM Professor and class I was in. I never felt alone, and I always knew every Professor was here to help me.

The Challenge
Time management, group work, presentations, papers and exams are just a few of the many challenging aspects of the COMM Department that I know I will miss, because the challenge came with a reward; I always felt I was becoming a better student and intellectual after each obstacle.

My Peers
The COMM Department has some great people in it. I have met some of my best friends here, and some of the most inspiring people as well. My fellow students in the department have continuously pushed me to always give my best while also being an amazing support system.

What I’ll Take With Me:

Continuous Improvement
In everything I do, I am always looking for ways I can be better. This desire for continuous improvement is a result of my few years with the COMM Department, and I hope it sticks with me for a long time.

Before being a part of the COMM Department, I hardly knew the difference between strategy and tactics. Now, I feel ready to take on so many challenges in my future graduate career and professional career because I am confident in my ability to develop a strategy versus implementing tactics.

How to Work in Groups
High school Emily would probably be shocked with how much I have embraced group work in college. Not only my ability to effectively work in teams, but also my acceptance and appreciation for group work, has grown tremendously through my time here.

So, this is it. One last story for the COMM Voice, one last week of finals.
And that will be it.

139 credits. 8 semesters. 3 campus jobs.
17 groups. 2 majors.
15 Peregrine Falcon Chicks.
Over 50 papers.

But 4 years cannot just be described with numbers
My time at UWGB has been
And all emotions in between.

From one campus to four
D2L to Canvas
From living in a dorm
To working from home

Coffee, pizza, ramen noodles,
Ice cream and frozen yogurt
Late nights and early mornings
From the craziness of hell week in Cases
To my favorite campus places

These four years went fast
And while it’s not the ending I thought I would get
It’s not over yet
Because I’m sure I’ll be back soon
(hopefully in August)
But even if I am not on campus right now
I’ll always remember
UW-Green Bay
Even if I won’t be there in May

Farewell UWGB,
And thanks for all you’ve done for me.

Story by  Emily Gerlikovski 66.9 | 7.2

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