Food and Stress Relief, What More Could You Need?

Each week, the Richard Mauthe Center offers great events and wonderful opportunities for the campus community – including great food on Tuesdays and Thursdays!

Every Tuesday from 5:30-to-6:30PM, head to the Mauthe Center for supper. It is suggested to bring a $2 donation – which goes toward educating kids in rural India. Sometimes it’s tacos, sometimes it’s chili, but don’t worry it’s always tasty.

Every Thursday, the Mauthe offers free coffee, tea, breads, pastries and more from 9:30-to-11:30AM.  Just walk in and help yourself!

Also on Thursdays, Wim Hof breathwork is guided. This breathing technique enhances focus, increases energy, improves sleep, sports performance, and reduces stress. This is happening every Thursday from 4-to-5PM; bring a mat and join others in the reflection room. 

On campus w/Ashley Stafne

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