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Author Scott Winkler

Escaping from news about COVID-19 is challenging. An author in Northeastern Wisconsin is providing a way to escape from COVID-19 mentally by live streaming his book and other material he is working on.

Author and High School Teacher, Dr. Scott Winkler, has started live streaming chapters from his book The Meadow to give people something else to focus other than COVID -19. He saw well-respected musicians streaming online events and thought it was a great way to help people cope during COVID-19 by providing entertainment and inspirational messages to their audience.

Dr. Winkler said, “I decided to borrow a page from the musician’s playbook. “The hope is to take people’s mind off of other things in the world for a little bit.”

Dr. Winkler thought streaming would be a great opportunity to share more about his story – and some of the new projects he is working on as well. Working on a follow-up book to The Meadow, Scott plans to give a 20-page sneak peak in a few weeks.

He doesn’t believe the live streams will put him on The New York Time’s Best Seller List, but he said, “I don’t write to become New York’s best seller.” Dr. Winkler hasn’t received a lot of profound feedback from his listeners, but the feedback received has been positive. “People have messaged me thanking me for my live streams.”

In The Meadow, one of Winkler’s characters deals with traumatic experiences from war. The book touches on some of the impacts war has on soldiers and their families.

YOU Understand
One person – who has given Dr. Winkler good feedback – deals with their own traumatic experiences. When referring to The Meadow,the person said, “You understand; You do it right.” Dr. Winkler can illustrate the impact of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorders to his readers through detailed explanations of what the characters in his books are dealing with.

“If a few people are able to take something meaningful away from my live streams, that’s a good thing”.

Scott has been encouraging people to do live streams if they have something they want to share regardless of if it’s poems, reading, music or whatever is on the mind. “You never know what kind of feedback you might receive.”

Story authored by: Travis Boulanger 64.5 | 8.8

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