Spring weather opens a variety of outdoor activities for people in Wisconsin in a normal year. In this abnormal year however, many of the activities Wisconsinites relied on to break out of the Winter Doldrums are threatened, or already shut down. A BIG one is golf.


Conner Geurts hits a “beautiful” shot on par three in Spring, 2019

Golf was deemed nonessential by Governor Evers during COVID! Wait, WHAT? Evers’ edict stirred up a hornet’s nest; golf enthusiasts and golf clubs across the state are working hard to change the Governor’s narrative that golf spreads the virus.

There’s a petition going around on social media demanding government to open the courses, NOW!. This petition already has more than 60,000 signatures in the last couple weeks alone. The petition achieved its first success this week as well.

Dunn County government officials in Western Wisconsin, recently passed an ordinance allowing golf courses to open under strict guidelines. Guidelines include removal of rakes from sand traps; removal of flags from greens; no golf carts; no ball cleaners, and clubhouses closed.

NO High Fives
Local golfers are hopeful; ecstatic. “I look forward to golf courses opening every single Spring; it’s honestly one of my favorite things to do,” said local golfer Mark Diny. “I really think this is something that could work and people can still practice social distancing.”

The State of Florida recently reopened its courses so hopefully, Wisconsin will be the next because Wisconsin golfers NEED to get on the course before something snaps (while practicing social distancing of course). Sign the petition… FORE all of us!

Written by Nik Sandona: 56|10.1


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  1. thecommvoice says:

    TEE IT UP, EVERS. It’s worth 60,000 votes!

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