Former Phoenix fly home from Europe to join the Wisconsin GLO

Allie LeClaire, former Green Bay Phoenix basketball player, will make her American professional debut in Oshkosh in May. The new, Wisconsin GLO, a member of the Global Women’s Basketball Association, will kick off their season May 10.

LeClaire played last season in Ireland for the Liffey Celtics. She’ll be joined by two other former Phoenix players: Jessica Lindstrom and Mehryn Kraker. Games will be played at the Menominee Nation Arena from May 10 to July 13. Tickets for the games can be found HERE.


Defending Champs include: Carley Chapin, Sylvia Christensen, Rachel Koepke, Mackenzie May and Katie Pozorski.

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  1. thecommvoice says:

    Welcome Home Allie

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