Friendly, Comfortable, Crummunity

Coming to college, you have a lot of new opportunities ahead. With more than 100 organizations competing for your attention, it’s important to choose the right one.

UWGB has a special organization on campus that more than 60 attendants refer to as their Crummunity. As the largest student organization on campus, Cru takes time to invest in students and provide a safe place for everyone to explore their faith while having fun doing so.

Every Thursday at 7PM in room 208 of Mary Ann Cofrin Hall, Cru conducts a meeting where students get to meet other people, be entered into a drawing to win prizes, play games, and most importantly, explore what faith in Jesus Christ is. As an organization open to anyone, Cru has retreats and events that connect UWGB students with other students from Saint Norbert, UW-Fox Valley, Lakeland University and Northeast Wisconsin Technical College.

    CRU is the largest student org at UWGB

With a variety of opportunities that spread beyond Thursday nights, Cru has something for everyone. Whether you have known Christ your whole life or don’t know about him at all, Cru loves investing in new members and creating a great Crummunity for students.

By Bailey Hetue & Tony Leto of the Scouters


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