Friends, Family, and Food at the Farmer’s Market

By Emily Goggins, Kirstynne Hock & Maddy Majewski


The Wednesday night farmer’s market on Washington Street was a summer hot spot in downtown Green Bay, and it’s wrapping up! How has the farmer’s market affected the vendors and attendees? Green Bay’s Wednesday Farmers Market greatly impacts its community, and the love for the farmer’s market is clear.

Local Green Bay residents attend the farmer’s market with the many stands that are offered on Washington Street. Photo by Emily Goggins.

Gourmet Corn Yucatan Cuisine’s Samuel Rosado shared their insight on being a vendor at the farmer’s market over the past two years. “The farmer’s market is a great time to relax with friends in the middle of the week and shop for healthy produce,” Rosado stated. Last year, Gourmet Corn Yucatan Cuisine experienced some hardship, as most events were canceled in the Green Bay area. Rosado stated, “We found our way without the farmer’s market, and we still managed to make some business in private companies and some food truck rallies.”

This year, the vendors were very excited and eager to return. “This year, the farmer’s market was very good because people were ready to come out after a full year of being locked up,” Rosaldo said. Gourmet Corn Yucatan Cuisine stated they had a very good turnout this year, and that was what the business was as expected.

The family decides what stand they should stop at during the farmers market. Photo by Emily Goggins

Sofia Mancini, a UWGB senior, attended the farmer’s market every Wednesday with her mom and sister. Mancini said, “I attend the market because it’s nice to take a walk and see the new venues there. Also, farmer’s market supports the local businesses in Green Bay.” She also enjoyed the delicious peanut butter bars at Green Bay’s local coffee shop, Kavarna. Her favorite stand at the farmer’s market is the crab rangoon stand. Mancini stated, “People should go to the farmer’s market to help local businesses and farmers and experience a different part of Green Bay. Also, how much variety there is around here and other places in Wisconsin.”

When COVID- 19 happened, Mancini missed the farmer’s market. She stated, “It wasn’t the same as years prior so it was nice having it back.”

Overview of people visiting stands at the farm, er’s market on a partly cloudy day. Photo by Emily Goggins

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