Game Day on a Budget

Going to the game this Sunday? Attending a game at the legendary Lambeau Field can be challenging and expensive. However, you can experience all the game-day festivities, without even entering the stadium.

If you can’t make it inside, why not party outside? Visit one of the places below and you’ll have an unforgettable time!

Tailgating experience – Packer fan traditions

  • Johnsonville Tailgate Village
    Right in the Lambeau Field parking lot
  • Express Convenience Center
    Popular spot for the party buses to park
  • Bars/Restaurant – All within walking distance from Lambeau Field; can still hear all the action
    The Bar (West)
    Stadium View
    D2 Sports Pub Stadium District
    Kroll’s West (Cheese Curds)
    Hinterland Brewery
    Green Bay Distillery
    Burkel’s One Block Over
  • Houses by Lambeau Field (parties)
    Packer themed houses where Lambeau is in the backyard
  • Spotted Cow Beer
    Can only buy it in Wisconsin!
  • Titletown District
    See the full size football field, football/combine themed playground and live music

Post-game plans? Lambeau will be closed, but the Wisconsin tradition will remain open. Head to the bars and local restaurants to experience the historical town of Green Bay.

And as always … GO PACK GO!

Written by MOJO: Jessica Amo, Mailee Her, Oda Bekkestad

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