GB Nite Back in Person

By Kayla Smith, Emmy Wolfe, & Kylie Heisz


With a majority of students being remote last year, GB Nites was moved to an online format to try and make it more accessible to students while also following the necessary COVID-19 protocols. However, this year GB Nites will be back to being an in-person event.

Looking back in the past year, GB Nites saw a dramatic decrease in attendance, mostly because many students did not know that the school was still holding the event online. In the past, GB Nites had been a great event for the underclassman to meet new people, so when it got moved online, there was not the same level of attraction to the event. A Good Times Programming student employee mentioned, “Although it can be more difficult and busy at times, though, my mental health has been better since now I’m actually talking with people and getting involved in the community again.”

GB Nites started in March of 2009, but it was much smaller than it has become now, with adjustments to students’ feedback on interests and needs. GB Nites has consisted of bouncy houses, laser tag, human foosball, karaoke, build your own stuffed animal, and much more. GB Nites happen once a month, and the events are always different. GB Nites is run by Adam Novotny and his staff of students with Good Times Programming, “The purpose of UWGB Nites is to offer fun free activities during peak social times for students. Filling the Union with many events allows students to roam, meet new people, and experience lots of things throughout an evening.”

Novotny commented, “Being back in person allows us to program some more things which are nice and allows students to stay in the Union to participate, however, we still have restrictions with COVID, so we are not back to 100%.” GB Nites is an opportunity for students to de-stress after a week of class, homework, project, and much more. Adam said, “I hope it brings a smile to their faces. I hope they look forward to the events” GB Nites is a way for students to meet new people and try new things. A current student commented, “I was sold by the free food and crafts aspect and ended up making new friends while there.”

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