‘GB Swimmer Eyes Olympics

UWGB swimmer Ben Redman has been invited to the 2020 Olympic tryouts in Omaha this Summer. His outstanding performance at the Horizon League Conference Swim Meet secured him a spot with other qualifiers from across the USA.

Redman’s road to the Olympic tryouts is unique. In high school, he wanted to play collegiate football, but an injury ended his gridiron dreams.

He had been swimming since he was five years old but did not start competitive swimming until his final year of high school at Eau Claire Memorial. “My senior year allowed me to focus solely on swimming. This shift in my focus is when I really started to see just how much potential I had in swimming.”

My New Home
Originally committed to swimming for the University of North Dakota on a swimming scholarship, but a cut of the program there left Ben scrambling. “I had one meet left for my senior season and I gave everything I had,” he said. ”I had the meet of my life and impressed many D1 schools across the nation. I then toured the schools that were most interested in me and then later chose UWGB as my new home.”

It has turned out to be a good decision for the Phoenix program as Redman now holds three school records (50 freestyle, 100 fly, 400 medley relay) in just three years of competing.

Two Team Records
At the Horizon League Conference Swim Meet, Ben set two-of-those three team records and received some good news towards the end of that weekend: He was invited to try out for the Olympic Team. “After conference, our swim team attended a time trial for anyone who still wanted to aim for a cut for this year’s Olympics,” he said.  “I chose the 50 Meter Freestyle –  one of the most competitive races in the world. Immediately after finishing the race I saw that I had gotten the cut and began to celebrate with my teammates and coaches.”

Asked about his chances of making it to Tokyo to represent his country he said, “The 50 Meter Freestyle is one of the most competitive races in the world. “I’ve always done really well under pressure, and I love to surprise people.”

Ben is currently taking a short break after the rigorous conference meet but will be back in the pool soon – preparing for a chance to represent UW-Green Bay and his home state of Wisconsin. Not bad for somebody who didn’t start taking swimming seriously until his senior year.

The Olympic Trials take place in Omaha, Nebraska from June 21 through June 28.

Written by Sports Weekly: Jacob Lenzendorf, Adam Mansa and Nik Sandona

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