Get Active, Get Moving: How College Students Can Get Active on Campus

By: Alyssa DeKeyser, Indiana Schilz, & Kenzie Ullmer


Physical activity can help college students get involved, relieve stress, and have fun. UWGB is a large campus with many different ways to get active. For example, during the warmer months, students can access great outdoor trails that can be used for walking, running or biking. The trails are a great way to get outside and to get moving. Indoor activities are offered at the Kress year-round with personal and group fitness options. The Kress is open to everybody looking to get active and provides the proper tools and equipment to help.

The Kress center staff is doing all they can to keep it safe amongst the Covid-19 pandemic. The team follows CDC guidelines to make sure everyone feels safe while in the facility. These changes include: offering virtual fitness classes, sanitizing equipment after use, spacing out equipment, limiting the number of people in the facility, limiting access to group fitness events, and requiring everybody to wear a facemask.

The Kress Center is home to a fitness center, an arena, pool, aerobics studio, turf gym, several gyms, a racquetball and wallyball court, and even a climbing tower. Photo By: University of Wisconsin-Green Bay

Sam Reineck, a Kress center employee, stated, “there are many different ways students can get involved and active at the Kress. Some of which include the gym, swimming, group fitness classes, personal training, and intramurals”. Whether students prefer to exercise alone or with friends, there is something for everyone. Sam said that “when it comes to group fitness, there are three different types of yoga classes, two different types of sculpting classes, Zumba, and quick core. Each of these is available in person or virtually depending on personal preference”. Sam also states that “personal training is offered for anyone at any time and can be available for the short-term or long-term. There are group fitness classes held everyday of the week”.

Out of all the group fitness classes, Sam says that the yoga classes are the most popular. Yoga is a fast and growing way to get exercise and peaks the interest of college students as it provides the mind and body with many benefits. The Kress offers three different types of yoga classes to get the chance to experience the various forms that come from practicing yoga. Some of the benefits of practicing yoga are relaxation, improved strength and balance, reduced stress, and improved energy.

The Kress Center has personal fitness trainers to demonstrate how to use proper form when working out. Photo By: University of Wisconsin-Green Bay

Exercise, in general, provides the mind and body with many benefits. Sam stated, “by getting regular exercise, one is benefiting themselves by controlling their weight, managing different health conditions and diseases, improved mood, sleep, and energy.” By getting physical exercise a couple of times during the week, one’s mind, body, and way of life can change tremendously.

Students can stay informed about group workouts by staying up to date on their UREC app that shows a schedule of what they are offering for the day or week. Students can also find a monthly calendar showing events on their website:

Students stretch after participating in a group yoga class. Photo By: University of Wisconsin-Green Bay

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