Get Your Freak on at The Grave Dancer’s Ball


Dance goers having a ‘Spooktacular time!

Good Times Programming will host the annual Grave Dancer’s Ball on October 31st from 9-11pm in the Phoenix Rooms of the University Union.

The Ball will feature hit music by DJ Screwloose, one of the most talented DJs in Providence, Rhode Island, along with his frightening assistants, Michael Meyers, “IT,” Dracula and Scream. Dress in your best Halloween costume as there will be a contest with fabulous prizes for the best costume, the scariest costume, as well as the best couple and group costumes! In addition, there will be free food and refreshments, including a popcorn bar, for all “blood-thirsty” guests who are also as hungry as a werewolf! Be there if you dare!!

The Scouters include Bailey Hetue, Tony Leto, Darrell Kocha and Erik Johnson

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2 Comments to “Get Your Freak on at The Grave Dancer’s Ball”

  1. thecommvoice says:

    BOO YAH!

  2. ntxheeyee says:

    Got some great costumes in mind!

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