Getting A Job During a Pandemic

Due to the current pandemic, job security is a struggle for a lot of people. Many have pursued temporary “essential” jobs to help during this time. For example, college students and other non-essential workers have sought jobs at grocery stores to help ease the economic burden that is a biproduct of the pandemic.

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Come early May, there will to be thousands of students graduating and looking for jobs in their field of study. However, the current crisis has suffocated the job market. Businesses are closed and can barely afford to support current employees much less any new ones. What does this mean to graduating seniors looking for a job in the coming weeks?

Linda Peacock-Landrum, Director for UWGB Career Services says students may have to rethink what they want to do after graduation.

While some organizations are still hiring on Handshake and offering virtual programs, a lot of companies still aren’t hiring. Fortunately, though, there have not been any reports from students saying job offers accepted before COVID-19 have been affected. This could be because students are preoccupied with adjusting to their new learning environment, says Linda. More than anything, career services has seen more summer internships cancelled due to economic hardship.

The Career Services office advises students seeking a job to keep their LinkedIn profile updated and active. Moreover, students should take advantage of virtual networking during this time where professionals are looking for engagement to break up their typical routines.

Video Link: Linda Peacock Landrum on TV26; How Students Can Stand Out in a Crowded Job Market:

Written by Jada Davis 54.5 | 9.1

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