GOOD Nites; GOOD Times



What comes out at ‘Nites

About once a month, students go from being stressed out adults to placated children. The source of this transformation:  Good Times Programing UWGB Nites.

Each UWGB Nite has a completely different theme from Harry Potter-to-Olympics-to-Beach Night.  Based off every theme, unique foods and activities are created. Beach Night, for example, had lei making, beach party photo shoots and grass skirts floating around.

At the last ‘GB Nite, students were getting in line two hours before it began! The reason? Stuffed animals. Good Times Programming has introduced this and on each ‘Nite, a new stuffed animal is available to make, take home – and the students go crazy.

UWGB Nites can’t be contained in just one room! Continuing downstairs in the Phoenix Club, students tirelessly work on their coloring books while eagerly awaiting the brave souls who partake in karaoke. The whole night is devoted to taking the edge off and making everyone feel connected. The evidence that the night is becoming well-loved is in the fact that lines quickly form for anything that relieves stress, from the stuffed animals-to-ice cream bars.

is the next ‘Nite. Students are impatiently awaiting the announcement of the next theme – and even more so the unveiling of the next stuffed animal in the collection.

If you want to take a break from school – and work – and enjoy a “Nite  to de-stress from the real world, be there on 20th.

The Beauty Markers include:  Markella Akladios, Maddie Byrnes, Kayla Niquette and Carli Smits.

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