Good Times Programming is on the Hunt for Performers

By Janie Hodny, Olivia Ryan, Byron OrtizGarcia & Matt Seger


The Good Times Programming team (GTP) attended the National Association for Campus Activities (NACA) convention in St. Paul to look for acts and performers that could potentially come to UW-Green Bay. GTP spent March 31st through April 3rd scoping out acts and talking to performers that would intrigue students to attend more on-campus events.

During the pandemic, GTP put concerts and performers on hold for the safety of the community and performers. Now that the mask mandate is lifted, GTP is now able to bring back musicians and bands for larger concerts on campus.

GTP is an on-campus job where programmers schedule acts, performers, crafts, and travel events for students to attend. NACA is a convention where performers can highlight their talents to universities across the United States. This year 20 different states attended with over 200 students and supervisors excited to see what talents are coming in. GTP observed comedians, musicians, jugglers, spoken word, and more. Alongside showcases, GTP employees attended workshops to learn what other universities do to promote and schedule activities. They can learn from them and implement those skills into our campus.

GTP team-Back right to left (Adam Novotny, Erik Friemoth, Cassie Kirkpatrick). Front right to left (Mia Laufer, Emily Nettesheim, Janie Hodny).

Having exciting and engaging performances to come to campus is one of GTP’s main goals. Emily Nettesheim, a member of GTP, said, “having events in the union allows students to get out and socialize. Especially after COVID protocols, it is important for students to get out of their apartment and make friends.”

NACA Performance: Brave Space (Photo Taken by Janie Hodny)

Cass Kirkpatrick, the Novelty Entertainment Programmer for GTP, stated, “I am excited to see these performances come to campus. All the performers engaged well with the attendees and students, so it will be exciting for them to perform for UWGB (University of Wisconsin Green Bay).” Due to legal reasons, the GTP employees cannot release what acts are coming to campus, but Janie Hodny, the Communications Manager for GTP, said that we should be “excited and prepared for amazing performances.”

NACA Performance: Running Lights (Photo Taken by Janie Hodny)

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