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By: Jade Henschel, Alexis Beck, Madison Heun, & Angela White


Mackenzie Brown, a December 2020 graduate of the University of Wisconsin – Green Bay (UWGB), landed a job before graduating. Mackenzie shares what helped her shape that success before receiving her bachelor’s degree.


Mackenzie Brown is originally from Milton, Vermont. She decided to transfer to Northeast Wisconsin Technical College (NWTC), where she received her associate degree in Marketing and technical diploma in Digital Marketing in May 2019. Mackenzie ended up furthering her education at UWGB.

Mackenzie’s Professional Headshot Credit: Mackenzie Brown

Deciding The Major 

“In high school, I have always been a utility player. No matter what the position is, I could play it. That mentality carried over into my career. In marketing, you are constantly wearing different hats, so I wanted to get a degree to complement my marketing degree. A Communication degree was perfect, and that is what I went for.” Mackenzie did what most Communication majors do, adding to her degree by emphasizing Public Relations, which requires a couple more credits but stands out on a resume.

Attributes To Success

Joseph Yoo, an Assistant Professor at UWGB, worked closely with Mackenzie, as she was his teaching assistant the semester before she graduated. Professor Yoo says, “She was diligent and sincere. She was always on time for our frequent meetings and prepared. She understood students’ schedules well and suggested extensions to deadlines, which I could accommodate when applicable. Her suggestion turned out to students’ satisfaction. Overall, she was a hard-working, thoughtful, and kind colleague. I want to work with her again.”

Mackenzie was a member of the Public Relations Student Society of America (PRSSA), a  campus club. “I know that her experience mostly came from her PRSSA works, so she said she was not familiar with journalistic writing. She asked me when she wrote her news articles to let her know of any mistakes or give some journalistic writing tips. Mackenzie was active, and she wanted to make sure everything was on the right track.” said Professor Yoo.

A major in Communication encompasses group work most of the time and can be difficult for some students who aren’t used to working alongside different people. This is on top of deadlines, internships, and other extracurriculars, making for some stressful weeks. Trying to multitask is something students walk into college knowing that they have to do, but knowing how to manage the stress may come with the overload. Mackenzie says, “I have an amazing family, great friends, and awesome professors. When things were tough, I turned to them to reduce the feeling of being overwhelmed.” There is a lot thrown on you before graduating, including group work, which isn’t easy for everyone. Mackenzie says, “The majority of the time, I wanted assignments and projects to be 100% (or up there), but I knew to stay sane, I could not do other people’s work in group projects and only took on what was reasonable and fair. Plus, knowing I was graduating within three semesters of being there really helped push me to my end goal, which was to graduate.”

Mackenzie’s Professional Photo Credit: Mackenzie Brown

Where She Is Now 

“I was fortunate and landed my job through my internship! However, I did get my internship through my neighbor. On Christmas eve, I came in to find an email that my boss wanted to meet with me. I found out that she wanted to offer me a Marketing Coordinator position created for me. My advice is to let your internship know that you would be interested in staying with the company after graduation. Also, don’t put your eggs all in one basket. Apply, apply, apply! I had a few interviews with other companies before I took the job offer for my current position.

Mackenzie works at Carnivore Meat Company, a pet food company in Green Bay, Wisconsin. She currently works as a full-time Marketing Coordinator for them now. “I love the fact that I can bring my dog to work, and I get to market our amazing products to pet parents. The pet food industry is my dream industry to work in, and it will continue to evolve and grow, says Mackenzie.

Job Search Advice For Graduates

Professor Yoo says, “I believe that if undergraduate students do their best until they feel proud of themselves, they meet their goals right after their graduation. I know that Mackenzie worked hard as a student and a teaching assistant. Other undergraduate students should do their best like her. Practice makes perfect, and Mackenzie is a great example of that.”

Some college students set to graduate this May may not all be as lucky as Mackenzie was landing her position. Some valuable advice that Mackenzie says, “Don’t ever give up or feel like you are not good enough. Finding a job after graduation is tough, and you may not land that dream job right away, and that is okay. Continue to push yourself by taking extra courses and/or getting certified in programs to help your chances of landing a job that you desire. Also, be patient and take a job that will help you put you in the direction of your dream job!

Mackenzie’s LinkedIn Profile Photo Credit: Mackenzie Brown

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